Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've been a MICAn for just three days now, yet I've imbibed the basic funda/tradition of MICA.

Everything must have MICA in its name.

Anyways let me begin from the very beginning.

Landed in Ahmedabad on the 20th, got registered,checked into the hostel,finished all the other formailities.

First thing you notice about the campus is the greenery, has manicured lawns, huge trees, its like a mini forest reserve with all kinds of reptiles, birds,amphibians,canines(the official dog roxie; a german shepard is a delight to be with thou) et al.

Also me being from an engineering background, its kinda strange(in a nice way) for me to see so much of the fairer sex. Its a good change from the shitty engg life and I hope things dont eva get back to the earlier state.

My room is a lil small but comfy, so im doin fine here, just the heat is a lil unsettling. The food too is good here.

Have lotsa places to eat (:D me is very very haffy abt dis),the mess, the chota canteen and the Micafe.

Have a few musicians in our batch so lotsa impromptu jam sessions happen. Thats good fun. Hope one of them can teach me an instrument.

Well the programme began on the 21st with the directors address, n the rest of the administrative mumbo jumbo. The classes actly started on the 22nd. The first session was an ice breaker excercise and was really fun, we were all asked to assemble in the auditorium, then we did crazy ass stuff, paired up or split up into groups depending on the task. We hopped around put on skits.....was fun.

we were told 2 things "MICA mein kabhi raat nahi hoti" dats pretty much how it any point in time ull eider hear music from some room or find someone walking around the campus. And "MICA mein kabhi bhi kuch bhi hosakta hai".

And since then its been classes classes and more classes with a few assignments thrown in just for fun. French class has been a good monotony breaker.

Although we did have a movie screening tonite(watched russell peters before that).

Now all that I need to do is get myself a local mobile connection and a guitar.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The 'U' Turn

Hang on...before you think I'm talkin about life directions and all that jazz.......the U turn is jus route i took on my lil vaccation


Finally finished engineering(havent recieved my degree yet thou, oh nor are the results out yet!), but anyways the thing is its done.

I dunno if a lifer at a jail after being released would be this happy or not....but i really dont care...four years of torture is over. K its not that im trying to give it a gloomy spin.....but engg was really pretty much the opposite of what i had expected it to be.

And the drama during the farewell would sum it up best.... most of my 'dearest' classmates dint even care to stay back for the photo would think ppl would like to carry some memories n stf bt no......ppl dnt really care

Anyways it wasnt that bad either....i did have fun....did make good frnds so dats good enuff.

Alright coming back to the trip...Sagar Harish and I left as soon as the examz got over.

1st up was pondi........after being in a moving furnace(the rest of the trip we decided would be air conditioned, dint mind shelling out more).....we got off at chennai and took a bus to pondi....the drive was awesome....was really scenic....saw salt being made blah blah blah.

Pondi is a nice place not very happening and all but good.....v rented bikes and went around...u get to see french architecture and ofcourse taste french cuisine......i had a blast n pigged out....ate pretty much everything.

The train to kanyakumari was pretty eventful...what with we being in the waiting list and Harish choosing this moment to fall sick....we did get berths later on thou.

Now kanyakumari was something else.....again very scenic and everything,but had a very upbeat feel unlike pondi.

Sunrise and sunset, confluence of seas etc....tons of things to see n do.....but Harish chose to 'rest' n Sagar to just laze around(but we did have a lil drunken espcade later on).....i took off and did a lotta sight seeing by myself...only to play tour guide to these guys later on.

Then this is my second time here.....the water is just amazing.....pristine(phulishtop).

After checking into the hotel...we hit the beach,then the pool, then the bed. were really tired. Day 2 at kovallam 7 am snorkelling!!!.....Swimming in the open sea was frigthening yet fun. Man it was just great.....scooped jelly fish out the water :D.

K I forgot to mention but...huge food bills became the norm......we(I) just ate ate and ate at all kindsa eateries....and ofcourse therz always roomservice(our room in kanyakumari had more plates and trays than luggage, humans and furniture combined).

But yeah it had to end(primarily cos we are all broke and had actually spent more than what we had budgeted.....we sincerely thank the ppl who invented ATMs).

The train back home was a 30 hour deal.....we played cards slept and goes without saying ate our way home.

Was one of the best trips I've had.....had a lot of fun...did quite a few exciting things

N i guess i felt so cos I'm DONE WITH ENGINEERING.....woohoo!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

The sabbatical

well a lot has happnd lately....n sadly i wasnt able to post stuff.

was really hard pressed for time in march....odyssey work had me explore new levels of multitasking. In the end it was decent affair, but the performance was da highlite of da day . To watch the clips click here----->

N as if being busy wasnt enuff my comp concked off jus a day b4 odyssey. After that i was too lazy to fix plus mom was hospitalised so dint hav time too( i guess dat wld xplain me bieng absent frm the online radar for a few days)

Newayz there was sum good stf I20s,but more importantly I got into me gonna b an MBA two yrs frm nw. Also i got a call letter for the SSB, like last time i was recommended for the IAF but flunked da in da process made a few good frnds at the ssb so wasnt dat bad.

The project presentation was pretty ok...lets c how it goes.

Jus one xam between me n my degree....cant wait for it get ova.

Now me lookin fwd to Ahmedabad...babeville here i come. Hope my stay at MICA turns out to be one of best phases in ma life.

N as i bid farewell to SNIST i have mixed feelings, it was a shitty place but made a few gud frnds....n i did enjoy coll life albiet in trying conditions.

Oh btw bought new laptop ;)