Sunday, December 07, 2008

The school song

God, keep this school and all who herein dwell
Safe from all harm and evil's mighty spell
Teach us to live so one and all may be
Proud of this land and man's equality
God grant that we may live in liberty

Lead us along the path of good and right
Lead us to greatness always in thy sight
All in the school who grow from year to year
May know the truth that thou art always near
And give their best without regret or fear

So in the end this school may grow in fame
All who are here may loudly sing its name
And through the years and from each day to day
May we have cause to rise and proudly say
God bless this school and all who herein dwell

While researching for my dissertation I came across a link to my school's page on wiki....and lo...found the school song on it........brings back quite a few memories......its a small world after all

Monday, December 01, 2008

Maaaa Dekho meri photo paper mein ayi hai

there was another in the Indian Express haven't been able to get a link to that yet....will update later

P.s. @ Alien(Curdrice)...... I know u've mentioned somewhere that u hope to see me in the papers someday....howz this for a start??? :P

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Stage

For as long as I can remember now I've wanted to be on stage...wanted to perform...and now I'm getting to live it out(I've been on stage before but this is different). It's small step towards a bigger dream, lets see how things pan out.

The time spent on stage is interesting to say the least...yes you are involved, you get to watch the audience react and all that but when for most part of the play, you have to stay motionless its strenuous. Excruciating pain, back,heels and claves get fucked...being still is quite a pain, especially for someone who is fidgety and restless like me. Its like a huge relief when the lights are on you, and you can move :P....for all 8 of us in the mob movement is quite valuable.

Well the first show went of quite well, the audience seemed to like it, but then again they were all MICANs, lets see how the paying public reacts.

I'm glad I got this opportunity, once the student life ends...I dunno I'd get to be on stage or not....this is not the kind of role I wanted but nevertheless I got to experience what it feels like to be on stage...and I'm glad I tried.

Come to think of it, 'trying' is why I'm happy with myself.....and that is why I'm still alive.

As a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot, n hell I tried real hard to be one...too bad my spine didn't meet the required standards...but I tried.

I also I wanted to be a cricketer, I tried (I may not have tried hard enough and there were other circumstances,issues but yes I did try).

There are so many other things I wanna do, a whole bunch of adventure sports, whole bunch of places to go to, things to try and I know I will try, the first opportunity I get I'll try and make it happen.

There are times I've felt I've got the wrong end of the stick, be it with friends,family or in any other setting but I find solace in the fact that I have always given it my best shot, have always tried. I've done things which were detrimental to my ego...but I did them just to try and make things work.

I know I've always tried hard and have no regrets.I know there is nothing else I could've done in all those situations.....have no 'what if I had done this', no 'why didn't I do this' , no 'if only'.....for this and this alone I'm at peace with myself. Being at peace with yourself is a huge driving force, you can be cross with the guy who messed up your order, the guy who gave you a blazer 2 sizes smaller, the guy who cut you off on the road....but you cant be cross with yourself and survive.

The post started out as something and has ended up being something else....signs of aging :P or may be its just the thoughts that ran through my head while I was on stage.

Should end it here now.

Cheers.....the stage beckons

P.s. the pics were taken either during rehearsals or its just me posing....will put up proper pics of the play after assimilating and compiling them from various sources.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

కలహాల ప్రేయసి

విరహమే లేక కవితలే రావు కవుల హృదయాలలో,
పువ్వు రాలాకే పిందే పుడుతుంది ప్రకృతి పూతోటలో.
నన్ను కవినే చేస్తావో??? ప్రేమ ఫలమై వస్తావో???
కలహాల ప్రేయసి!!!

For all those who can't read Telugu. Will attempt to translate it.

Without separation/grief, a poet wouldn't be able to pen a poem,
It is only after the flowers wilt, that the trees in nature's gardens bear fruit.

Oh my quarreling darling.....
will you make me a poet or will you be the fruit of love???

Pardon my shady translation....haven't done justice to the song by far. This is one of my all time favourite songs...from the movie Panchatantharam(2002) by Kamal Hassan. Wish I could've done a better job.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Growing up too soon

Spoiler: This is not a post about how kids have more spending power, how kids today are vital for every marketeer....this is far from if u happen to have come across this, through google while searching for material for ur no further...this is about ME.

Growns up are so messed up aren't they???

Should do the right thing....every thing is cut and and white...right and wrong.
Have to understand the other person...empathise..sympathise blah blah.
Rules,codes,standards,adherence to them.

Where the fuck has the kid who wants everything gone? Why the hell can't he get what he wants anymore? Why can't he just throw a tantrum,wail and scream his lungs out whenever he wants to?

Why do I have to succumb/accept to certain things??? just because I'm an adult and "need to behave like one".

N with me I think this growing up, process has just gone from point A to point F. Being exposed to a lotta situations very early on in life, did make me smart or whatever u wanna call it, but it also killed the kid. Analysing, toning down, trying to not make the same mistakes that I've seen ppl around me make.

See I even talk like some granddad now....fuck man....just so pissing off.

From Kill the baby to Kill the TWINS

A fat loss regimen gone horribly wrong..thats what it is.

Gymming,sports were workin...fat loss beginin to show...n the lazy me discontinues it. Now a bigger paunch. Look like I'm pregnant with twins.

Ok thats enough self depreciation.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Staring into nothing

Have you ever just looked through things? I mean you look at something, your mind recognizes but doesn't register colours,shapes,forms,depth and all that. But nothing more than just continue staring at/into thin air.

A mind devoid of thoughts......I see most people around me with thoughts running in their heads ...worried,happy,stressed,concerned,angry,sad....but when I'm blank like thoughts...just mere processing of information that my eyes pass on to my brain.

N lately,it's been happening to me quite often. It's very fascinating, when i snap out of it ( warning/disclaimer:I AM NOT ON ANY DRUGS....these are not trips or psychic visions). I wonder how this happens to me involuntarily, I guess this is my brain's/mind's way of chilling's as if it says "fuck u I need a break n I'm gonna shutdown... n close myself off from the world around u"

N its very different from the lost in thoughts types you move around a little, scratch yourself etc but fundamentally its all blank. I dunno if this what happens when you meditate. But I don't think its the same thing.

It also gets me thinking.... if this how comatose people feel or if this how a newborn sees the world.

Do let me know if any of you have experienced anything similar.

P.s. not a 'feeling low' pity or sympathy comments please

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Its very funny not having any memories of a few hrs in your life.....its not like I've forgotten just that I absolutely have no memories.

Cause:Alcohol overdose.
Effect: No cognizance/memory of around 2 hrs in my life.

I'm not embarrassed or worried about what I might have done....but It's eerie feeling not knowing anything about those hrs.

What makes it worse is when ppl come up to u and ask u about that night n all u can manage is a sheepish grin. Different ppl have been telling me different things...n I dunno what to say....all I do is 'errrrrrr okkkkk'

Phew!!! Some night that!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

8x10 की दुनिया

क्या मेरी दुनिया बस चंपा 4 तक ही सिमट कर रहगयी है?
क्या मैं बस लोगों को आते जाते, मेरी खिड़की के सामने से गुज़ृते हुए देखता ही रह जाऊंगा?
क्या मैं अपने आप में इतना खो गया हूँ की मुझे कोई और नज़र अत ही नही या फिर क्या इसीलिए मैं किसी को नज़र अता नही?

It's not just about feeling wanted or liked....its much more than's as if I'm existing for no specific reason. For who,what and why am I? Does anybody need me at all? Do I need anybody? Do they really need to need to me? Does a loner like to be alone or is it that he has no choice but to be one????

At some level I'm to blame for this distance that I seem to have created between everybody else and me(or is it I???...don't really give a fuck about grammar right now). In trying to shield myself from all the things I don't like...I've insulated myself in my own little cocoon. In trying to become self sufficient ,self reliant, independent and happy with myself; I think I've alienated myself from everyone else.

I can't remember the last time I was truly happy or it's not like I'm leading a morose and stale life but there is definitely a lack of excitement. I mean the only time there is nothing on my mind is probably when I'm playing a sport, where I just focus on doing well and winning.

It's not that all is dark here....I enjoy the company of my girlfriend, think we have a pretty neat thing going........
.......but there is still something that's missing in my life or so I think/feel. Desperately need to know what that elusive something is?(may be it's just a stiff drink :P) I dunno sometimes I feel I'm being too demanding, aiming for perfection even where I don't need it.

Time to post this, shut the lid and stare at the ceiling as I lay down in my '8x10 ki duniya'.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Victim of 'Nek Irade'

How many times have we heard "Is duniya mein bhale/sharif admi ke liye koi jagah nahi"

yeah well that is how i feel right now. Well me with all my altruist n sometimes philanthropic irade go out of my way to make ppl feel comfortable or help them out n in the end i get blamed for causing harm to them. Simple things, innocius albeit unsolicited advice, all with good intentions more often than not backfire.

I'm begining to wonder if i should just shut my trap n let ppl b on their 'halath'....

Arrrrrgggghhhh...fuck it...too shitty...too fucked in the head right now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dissertation Block


क्या लिखें कुछसमझ ही नही अता।

Monday, July 07, 2008

clean room,suspension,T,abrupt endings n more

Two weeks into the 2nd yr n a lot has first suspension( dont know if ill b this happy when i get my first salary)....the issue is settled though...nothing happened in the end....but quite an interesting phase.

New room,new hassles.....paint/chunna keeps falling off, therz seepage n i was living in a virtual store room,set up room finally yesterday looks quite nice,lets see till when it stays that way.

But the biggest disappointment of my stay at MICA, i missed the "culturization"...I had taken off for the weekend assuming it would last for a week or so, but alas I did only for a day...hence no door banging no yelling no assignments.

N yes T work is starting to bug me now, its not as much fun as it should be, we end up planning for all the things that could go wrong, we try very hard to b politically correct n all that...this sucks...anyways I signed up for it, will do my best.

Quite an eventful start I must say, but unfortunately nothing is moving on the MICANVAS front n i'm slightly worried now, but yeah whatever.... everything has a way of fixing itself.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy afternoons,biryani,beer and drives in the rain

Yes I'm back home(as if the title could be any less direct)......

Speaking of lazy afternoons, the ones spent just lying in Palaash feel quite different from the ones at home...well for one there isn't 10 different kinds of music streaming in.

Hmmm now lets look back to the origin of lazy afternoons....i guess it would be sometime in school that u turn into a sloth from the erstwhile incarnation of a hyper-active kid who cant get enough of running around.....u refuse to wake up in to have ur meals in bed....prefer lying prostrate on the couch and watch cartoons all day and go out to play cricket only very late in the evening....n then puberty hits u n u become an even bigger sloth ball...and along with that comes rebellion and u fight back when ur mom says u havent bathed for 2days now n u r beginning to stink. After a whole lotta years u hit college...spend most of ur sundays sleeping in only to be woken up by a call or msg frm friend/girlfriend which ever the case may be and suddenly all the laziness in u vanishes n u change as quickly as superman in the phonebooth n rush out.

N then post grad happens.....the baaaaap of all laziness u dont shave for weeks, bathe lets see when u feel considerate enough for u neighbours, breakfast lunch dinner....y bother u have a 24 hr canteen...kuch na kuch toh mil hi jayega..... lets sleep in play some fifa n some porn...n the day shall pass.

Anyways being home isn't as bad as i thought it would be( what with the mass exodus of engg grads frm snist n the whole of narayan gang)....some chuts have come back so its alrite.

Me sleeps me eats and eats some the net for a coupla hrs.....n there u have it another day begins.

Ok... after this pathetic piece of self appraisal i need to go feed myself.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Err whatever

Summer Internship, that great big promise......the one last chance to figure out what u want to do in life.....Phbbbbbbbbt!!!!!

Nah! u discover new levels of vellagiri....watching movies n porn in the office, pretending to b concentrating on a word doc which has been touched for over 2 hrs, ladadeedum....

Well I'm sure quite a few of my batchmates would've had a fruitful experience, but I for one certainly don't feel great about mine.

The expectations that I had n the reality r worlds apart. I did try to "learn" n b open as much as possible but I guess this organization n I aren't quite compatible.

Well anyway fuck that.....the fun things....had cheap ass cold drinks....travelled n saw some inhospitable terrain, had my first real brush with rural India....hmmm whatelse "office politics n culture" (do I hear I still think that most of those courses were pure bull or atleast the way they were "facilitated")

N pretty much everything is hunky dory....looking forward to gettin that damn paycheque n gettin outta here now....some good times ahead I guess, first Bombay then Lakshadweep...wooohoo!!! n yeah i guess the trip back home wont be that boring this time.

Until later

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy birthday Blog(belated)

yes its been two years since ive started blogging.....

n incidentally ive completed one calender year at mica....

cheers(although im in a dry state rite now)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Annual report

Yet another year of my student life has come to an end....unless i suddenly decide to pursue a Phd.....this will be the very last yr of my student life...... a very scarry thought that.

The last yr has gone by in a flash......although i slept through most of my time at MICA(proof my last post was in jan...well u can also credit that to lazyness)....i have quite a few fond memories.....n the last term was kinda wierd....i was hardly awake.....n the last few weeks were suddenly i wasnt studyn....MICANVAS wrk...Team T stuff etc etc.

The last one yr has been quite "educative" in the academic sense n otherwise too...... my impressions of ppl wen i landed at MICA n by the time the yr ended have been quite different. :D
Some pleasant surprises...some not so.

Someone had told me a few days ago "Its hard to believe tht im not gonna see some of these people ever again"....that got me thinkin.....quite right actly.....there r quite a few ppl frm school i havent seen or heard frm n its just been 7yrs since i left school. Hmmmm just one of those life ke funde thingies. Anyways fuck this heavy shit......its all hunky dory n a lil more ;)

writing this from my workplace (yes yes.....i have eventually been forced to wrk...cruel cruel world)...the internship is on....pretty decent place....wrk is ok...a lil drab desk wrk bt ok.....field wrk shld prbbly b a lil more xcitin. Baroda is quite ok....havin a decent stay here.

Well was on campus for the weekend.....was kinda weird stayin in a barren ppl....ppl that uve grown used to seein evryday...ppl u eat wit..bathe wit....ppl u look at n think to urslf fuck i jus wanna kill that guy/female. yeah well thats how it is......."Batch"

alrighty then...hope to be a lil mre regular now.....until then

over n out

Monday, January 14, 2008

A million little pieces

Had been wanting to read this book for quite some time now. Was gifted this book on my birthday(Thanx)....finished the book within a week flat.

Was a very nice read....could relate to it a lot. Not with addiction part thou....that will take some time...havent found nethn that has me hooked yet :p

But the way he describes his pain, his fight with his own self is simply amazing. Its a very vivid description of how the mind fucks around with you.

"rage need rage need rage need"

"I want to run or die or get fucked up. I want to be blind and dumb and have no heart. I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. I want to wipe my existence straight off the map. Straight off the fucking map. I take a deep breath."

"I want to look beneath the surface of the pale green and see what's inside of me, what's within me, what I'm hiding. I start to look up but I turn away. I try to force myself but I can't"

And his atheist notions strike a chord with he says believing in god or a higher power and believing that such powers will guide you is something very absurd. Its just another form of denial....its shifting of the blame....its not owning up for yourself...not taking the responsibility for
your means you dont have faith in yourself .....its a replacement addiction.

All that apart...his style of writing is quite unique and pretty interesting....minimal usage of punctuation.....A continuous lucid and quick narrative makes for a very good read....the book on some level gets you hooked like a drug...once u start u wouldnt wanna stop.

I recommend you read this...even if your life isnt so fucked and you dont have a shit load of problems heaped over might just like it....try it.