Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy birthday to meeeeeee

well yet another year is older( i guess :-??)...prbbly a lil mre wiser dan i was last yr :-? oda dan dat lifz prty much da same

this past yr has been a mixed bag a few happy moments quite a few crappy moments bt still it was an intresting yr nevertheless.

oh btw results out me cleared all n got a decent score :D :D :D

looking fwd to mood-i nw....shall hav a detailed mood-i report

until den... over n out

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Road Trip!!!!

"Horn OK Please.......round trip 1334 km ...12hrs one way...Avg speed 70 kmph speed 120 kmph.... Milage 16 Kmpl"

this was my status msg on messenger after getting back frm vizag.

it was one helluva trip...the stretch of road frm vijaywada to vizag was a beauty prbbly as good as the autobhans( an exggeration bt still). u cldnt help bt feel u r schumi(even tough u r driving a khatara maruthi) on those roads.

the reason for the trip: nthn; i jus wanted to go on a really long drive.

the whole trip was good but like everything this has a butt hurts nw( neva sat still for mre than a few mins n here i am driving for 12hrs straight). pity i left my camera behind...there were sum amazing,picturesque locations and a few horrible n gruesome accidents on the way. wldve loved to capture all those images.

it was fun reading all those crazy oneliners/captions written on the trucks.

planing to make it a policy to go on atleast one roadtrip every year