Friday, November 16, 2007

MICANVAS the biggest event of the year @ MICA

was a huge success...although i personally...didnt get to enjy it...was workin all round the clock...all in all was gud fun n a nic xperience.

The concert nites were fun...parikrama n zero were kickass.......the crowds liked strings

it was a nic lil xperience....v had to pack up n vacate so dat v cld accommodate the guests.....palassh parijat n kachnar had an overnight transformation.

rooms that had not been cleaned for months...were fumigated cleaned and stacked wit mattresses n pillows.....Mican hospitality is unparalleled. Pretty much every guest appreciated our efforts.....most of em liked da idea of mixed lodging ;) :P :D

we moved into the senior hostel.....3-6 ppl cramped into one room....its anoda thing dat none of us hardly eva slept.

the campus wore a festive look for those 5 days(includin eve)

creatives were mind it the paper lamps, the cut outs, the collage, the various other too went on decntly well.....i almost won an event(sigh!).

now let the pictures do the talking......

the creatives team @ work..puttin up lampshades...paintin the oat...makin the mosaic

mattresses in the palaash courtyard....served as a jumping point :P

During the collage making competition

me with the micanvas mosaic in the background

day 2

Parikrama & ZERO on stage on day 3

the madness after the concert

The gateway to the 3rd awakening :p

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Antaral ke liye khed hai

well a lot has happened after the last post......

firstly the trip to gir & diu.....was great fun......short but good trip......lotta booze involved :p

well the term got off to a meek start....with ppl still realin frm da aftermaths of their respective trips n booze escapades......then the placement week.....was an intrestin experience to say the least.

Well im placed with a ngo....deepak here to know more--->

well things had begin towarm up on the micanvas n sankalp fronts.

will post more abt them soon