Friday, February 16, 2007

Tour de Chennai

Nah it isnt about a cycle race...we happend to go to chennai for saarang07 in the last week of jan.

And it wasnt the usual fest junta...had a completely different set of friends....was a nice experience.

Now saarang is almost the same as Mood-i sans the eye candy...its not like therz a dearth of good looking females in chennai...just that abundance is wat is lacking.

The campus is really really huge...takes you more than 10 minutes to get from end to end by bus. We had to walk a really long way from our hostels to the competitions arena. Surely wouldve lost a coupla we hogged like every night at the in-campus dhaba so i guess not much of change. The campus is really serene and picturesque with manicured lawns,lotsa greenery,ponds et al and ofcourse the bio-diversity, it literaly was like a wild life safari.

If therz sumthing in abundance in the IIT-M campus its the all kindsa deers blackbucks,spotted deer,sambal etc etc

Now chennai city is a wierd place ...pretty difficult to get around if you are not from chennai or dont speak tamil...somehow managed with my broken tam. A few friends told me that the night life is gud thou, dint really get to check it out...may be next time.

And then again the beaches are something else...filthy as hell.....
neverthe less we did get into da water

like david hasseloff...pity no baywatch babes around.

The best part of the trip was "BURMA BAZAAR"...dvds for 30-40 bucks....i shopped my behind off...bought dvds worth 800 or so...have a jumbo collection now...

The trip was fun on the whole.....endless rounds of dumb-c mafia and a few "shitty" games.

Now looking forward to finishing engg dat i can visit all the places on my "must-visit" list
Andamans, Ladakh, North-east to name a few.

Lets see how many places i can visit.