Monday, July 07, 2008

clean room,suspension,T,abrupt endings n more

Two weeks into the 2nd yr n a lot has first suspension( dont know if ill b this happy when i get my first salary)....the issue is settled though...nothing happened in the end....but quite an interesting phase.

New room,new hassles.....paint/chunna keeps falling off, therz seepage n i was living in a virtual store room,set up room finally yesterday looks quite nice,lets see till when it stays that way.

But the biggest disappointment of my stay at MICA, i missed the "culturization"...I had taken off for the weekend assuming it would last for a week or so, but alas I did only for a day...hence no door banging no yelling no assignments.

N yes T work is starting to bug me now, its not as much fun as it should be, we end up planning for all the things that could go wrong, we try very hard to b politically correct n all that...this sucks...anyways I signed up for it, will do my best.

Quite an eventful start I must say, but unfortunately nothing is moving on the MICANVAS front n i'm slightly worried now, but yeah whatever.... everything has a way of fixing itself.