Friday, August 17, 2007

bon voyage mes amis!

This one's for all u expat chuts.....

all da best.....hope u do well and achieve everything that u have envisioned for urself.

Have had sum really gud times wit u guys. U kno wat its kinda wierd for me to imagine hyd witout u guys.....derz hardly nebody bak home nw(no offence to the few who r still in hyd).

May b 5 may b 10 yrs down the line....wen we meet...hope dat u guys wld still remain hyderabadi's at heart....n wld still call me bhenchod or gandu like u always did, still know wat teen mar dance is.

Ok lanjus....enuff senti nw....go ahead have a sum kirkiree keep me posted.

right den main katletun abhi....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Orgasms of a dial up modem

The noises a dial up modem makes wen establishing a connection, seem to be like the mating calls of birds of some kind.....or may be even screams of ecstasy, as if the modem was having waves of orgasm.

U might feel like askin....y n wat made me think dis way?

Last week, I was disgusted with the IT dept and the their tall claims......they provide us with 24*7 internet "suffering"(no this is not a typo.....this wat the IT dept had used to describe their selfless service in one of their sermonizing mails). I missed my ghar ka conxn....unlimited downloads(ah!! downloads, dats sumthn every MICAn craves for), great speeds n all. In that nostalgic moment, I went back to the late 90's wen I started using Internet at home.

The good old dial up conxn......the whole ritual of getting connected was so enchanting....type in ur username password....wait for the modem to start up.....mate with the ISP and then wen it had had its sweet release....u cld start surfin.

The wait was so gripping, I wld keenly listen to every note the modem crooned and tried to make sense of it. I wondered if it was trying to talk to me? If it was trying to tell me a tale?

Sometimes I wish we dint have so many technological advances and that time could stand still, but then I quickly snap out of it, I need my download speed, want my mp3s and softies in a jiffy.

But then again, I'm at MICA................hafta deal with BLOCKED DOWNLOADS



The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

  • Access Denied.

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

Your cache administrator is IT_DEPT.

Generated Thu, 09 Aug 2007 07:48:02 GMT by (squid/2.5.STABLE6)


The dreaded page.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Month into the 1st term

Alrite.....really long break.....been busy.

As soon as i landed on campus after the break, the first words i heard were "behenchod niche dekh". Dose words brought back memories of first yr of engg, n I knew it was gonna be one helluva time for the next few days; ragging had begun, was fun to a large extent but then ended abruptly. A sad end to an intresting lil period. Dont wanna divulge trade secrets so wont describe the ragging.

Classes had also begun and we were officially in MICA now, assignments,quizes pre-reads etc etc etc. And in the nights were the umpteen committee presentations n elections(I'm part of compcomm btw). Sleepless nights followed by harrowing classes. After the leisurely life at engg, It was a lil hard for me to adjust to this kind of lifestyle, but everything is fine now. After the initial "disturbance", everything has fallen into a nic lil rhythm nw.

One exciting course was the transcreativity workshop it included martial arts, music, dance, fengshui, pottery and was a one of a kind experience. This workshop gives a new direction to ur life and opens up many avenues that u never knew existed.

(Holi after the workshop was ova)

In the meanwhile we put up a cul nite for the seniors, had very lil time to practice, but v did a pretty gud job.

Guitar lessons have begun, I've mastered the E-Major chord, but sadly thats the only chord that I can play rite nw, n there are only so many variations u can do. Hope to pick mre stf up soon.

29/7/2007: Freshers <:-p

(Me n my roomie before the freshers)
The seniors had put up a cul nite for us, it was fab and what followed was an amazing party that went on till 6am.I was one of the few who danced all night.

Every junior was assigned a senior as date. Was gud fun to buy gifts, go pick ur dates up frm their rooms and escort them to the party.

(Me n my date Aditi)

The aftermath: Palaash was completely silent apart frm the snores that came frm every single room. The hostel wore a deserted look for almost 12 hrs. This was the first time, this happened since we got here.

All along we've had tons of assignments to do and right now I have a report to submit :((

Thats it from all of us here, until next time.

P.S. Own composition coming soon.