Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy afternoons,biryani,beer and drives in the rain

Yes I'm back home(as if the title could be any less direct)......

Speaking of lazy afternoons, the ones spent just lying in Palaash feel quite different from the ones at home...well for one there isn't 10 different kinds of music streaming in.

Hmmm now lets look back to the origin of lazy afternoons....i guess it would be sometime in school that u turn into a sloth from the erstwhile incarnation of a hyper-active kid who cant get enough of running around.....u refuse to wake up in to have ur meals in bed....prefer lying prostrate on the couch and watch cartoons all day and go out to play cricket only very late in the evening....n then puberty hits u n u become an even bigger sloth ball...and along with that comes rebellion and u fight back when ur mom says u havent bathed for 2days now n u r beginning to stink. After a whole lotta years u hit college...spend most of ur sundays sleeping in only to be woken up by a call or msg frm friend/girlfriend which ever the case may be and suddenly all the laziness in u vanishes n u change as quickly as superman in the phonebooth n rush out.

N then post grad happens.....the baaaaap of all laziness u dont shave for weeks, bathe lets see when u feel considerate enough for u neighbours, breakfast lunch dinner....y bother u have a 24 hr canteen...kuch na kuch toh mil hi jayega..... lets sleep in play some fifa n some porn...n the day shall pass.

Anyways being home isn't as bad as i thought it would be( what with the mass exodus of engg grads frm snist n the whole of narayan gang)....some chuts have come back so its alrite.

Me sleeps me eats and eats some the net for a coupla hrs.....n there u have it another day begins.

Ok... after this pathetic piece of self appraisal i need to go feed myself.