Sunday, October 12, 2008

కలహాల ప్రేయసి

విరహమే లేక కవితలే రావు కవుల హృదయాలలో,
పువ్వు రాలాకే పిందే పుడుతుంది ప్రకృతి పూతోటలో.
నన్ను కవినే చేస్తావో??? ప్రేమ ఫలమై వస్తావో???
కలహాల ప్రేయసి!!!

For all those who can't read Telugu. Will attempt to translate it.

Without separation/grief, a poet wouldn't be able to pen a poem,
It is only after the flowers wilt, that the trees in nature's gardens bear fruit.

Oh my quarreling darling.....
will you make me a poet or will you be the fruit of love???

Pardon my shady translation....haven't done justice to the song by far. This is one of my all time favourite songs...from the movie Panchatantharam(2002) by Kamal Hassan. Wish I could've done a better job.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Growing up too soon

Spoiler: This is not a post about how kids have more spending power, how kids today are vital for every marketeer....this is far from if u happen to have come across this, through google while searching for material for ur no further...this is about ME.

Growns up are so messed up aren't they???

Should do the right thing....every thing is cut and and white...right and wrong.
Have to understand the other person...empathise..sympathise blah blah.
Rules,codes,standards,adherence to them.

Where the fuck has the kid who wants everything gone? Why the hell can't he get what he wants anymore? Why can't he just throw a tantrum,wail and scream his lungs out whenever he wants to?

Why do I have to succumb/accept to certain things??? just because I'm an adult and "need to behave like one".

N with me I think this growing up, process has just gone from point A to point F. Being exposed to a lotta situations very early on in life, did make me smart or whatever u wanna call it, but it also killed the kid. Analysing, toning down, trying to not make the same mistakes that I've seen ppl around me make.

See I even talk like some granddad now....fuck man....just so pissing off.

From Kill the baby to Kill the TWINS

A fat loss regimen gone horribly wrong..thats what it is.

Gymming,sports were workin...fat loss beginin to show...n the lazy me discontinues it. Now a bigger paunch. Look like I'm pregnant with twins.

Ok thats enough self depreciation.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Staring into nothing

Have you ever just looked through things? I mean you look at something, your mind recognizes but doesn't register colours,shapes,forms,depth and all that. But nothing more than just continue staring at/into thin air.

A mind devoid of thoughts......I see most people around me with thoughts running in their heads ...worried,happy,stressed,concerned,angry,sad....but when I'm blank like thoughts...just mere processing of information that my eyes pass on to my brain.

N lately,it's been happening to me quite often. It's very fascinating, when i snap out of it ( warning/disclaimer:I AM NOT ON ANY DRUGS....these are not trips or psychic visions). I wonder how this happens to me involuntarily, I guess this is my brain's/mind's way of chilling's as if it says "fuck u I need a break n I'm gonna shutdown... n close myself off from the world around u"

N its very different from the lost in thoughts types you move around a little, scratch yourself etc but fundamentally its all blank. I dunno if this what happens when you meditate. But I don't think its the same thing.

It also gets me thinking.... if this how comatose people feel or if this how a newborn sees the world.

Do let me know if any of you have experienced anything similar.

P.s. not a 'feeling low' pity or sympathy comments please