Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MOOD-I report

Mood-Indigo the annual cultural festival of IIT-Bombay. My haven, eyecandyville.
This was my third time there. It was from the 26-29th of dec.

We (Akshay, Harish, Harsha, Mansi, Sankalp) left for mood-i on da 24th. The train journey was fun....the picturesque ghats;khandala-lonavla et all

We got there around 1 in the afternoon on 25th.... The room we were alloted was pretty dingy. The four of us had a tough couldnt move without elbowing or bumping into someone else.
Anyways since the fest was to begin on 26th we just hit da town n partied a lil.

Day 1: All the elims....English jam Hindi Jam Potpourri etc etc

I got thru to da english jam semis and hindi jam finals...... Met Cyrus Broacha ,Kunal Vijaykar and few others(they had come there for the Talk show). V cdnt pick up our passes for the pronite(kumaresh ganesh) cos v were busy takin part in all da events n stf...... so v missed da show dat evening , heard it was great. Oh btw Elizabeth and Purnima had joined us a day later i.e on da 26th.

Day 2: Hindi jam finals..... it was gud... den Extempore elims it was gud fun., was a team event...v(Sankalp and I) made it to da finals. By the second day we had invented "Gen"ing....a complex move where ud turn into a constipated ashok kumar(da old bollywood actor).....

Pronite was KK....v wernt intrested so went out cos the girls wanted to go shopping. After the shopping ordeal it was time to relax .....Sheesha....nic place....rooftop... good ambience.... good food.

Day 3: Extempore was a laugh riot...v came in 3rd :D.... Parody song writing elims...was fun too...n da usual audience quiz n stf were a few freebies.

And gening continued..... and Harsha for some strange reason cdnt stop singing Say na say na and Main hoon was almost predictable.....i think we even started betting on when he would break into a song.

Pronite: Fusion nite and Kailash kher.... The fusio n wa s awesome they played amazing stuff on da sitar flute and mridingam.

And Kailash kher was just something else. The whole OAT(Open Air Theater) had this amazing aura.

Day 4: The final day......all da elims were done.....v had made it to da finals of most events dat v had taken part in. We were mostly jobless on da last day so attend all kindsa workshops n talks n plays. The heavymetal quiz was mindblowing....sum amazing trivia.
raat ko livewire....sum bombay band won da competition.

The main acts were Demonic Ressurection Themclones & Parikrama..... it was fundu.....lotsa maiden floyyd n deep purple....themclones played coldplay too.....
:-" But it rained :-" u cdnt help bt sing along wen parikrama played dat.

On the 30th we left da campus n hit da town......

da sunset at marine drive was da highlight of da day..........

The train back home was a bit of a took forever to get to hyderabad....n all of us were very tired.....i had only abt 3-4 hrs of sleep everday.
BUT we eventually made it bak home on new yr's eve....we looked like hell ....i went home n crashed only to b woken up around 7 pm......

A belated Happy new yr.
P.S. Happy birthday mom