Friday, March 06, 2009

Top reasons: "Why assignments/dissertation will never be finished before time"

1. Just as you decide to start working on it, a long lost friend will ping you
2. After that conversation ends, you start reminiscing the good old days
3. You snap out of it after a while, but before you start you'd like to go over the contact list and check if anybody worth talkin to is online
4. You begin to look for the file, just then something more interesting catches your interest and you end up reading the doc/pdf/ppt or pic or whatever
5. You feel like logging onto facebook after a while, to check if any thing interesting has happened in the last half hr.
6. You get so bored of social networking that you'd wanna check out some porn.
7. After a while you actually begin working on it, while googling for some info, you come across something and one thing leads to another and lo! you end up looking at hot pics
8. Chotta chalega?....A yell from any corner of the hostel...and the only reply "han kyun nahi"
9.You need a 'break from all this chutiyap' so u start watching a movie
10. After a while you feel the urge to sort and classify your music and movie collection
11. You suddenly realise that you have a bunch of pictures you havent looked at yet, after that you'll want to look at old pictures and sort them as well.
12. You realise, that these reasons are worth documenting and that you should blog about it