Thursday, August 09, 2012

why so rushed?


I'm back. It's been a while. Lots of things have happened since my last post.

I've been wanting to start my own restaurant/pub/bar/whatever for a while now, I've finally decided to give it a go and I put in my papers recently. Will be a jobless man preparing to turn an entrepreneur, very soon.

So here's the deal. I thought I'd work at a restaurant/hotel, understand how this works before diving into it. So I did what any sensible person would do, ask friends to me put in touch with restaurateurs, I also tried to contact people who run some of my favourite places.

I was quite surprised when most of the restaurateurs spoke about how this 'industry' has good money but is a tough life. Hardly anyone spoke to me about their love for food and how they enjoy creating new tastes or feeding customers and stuff like that. Their first comments were about money, I mean, come on you run a bloody restaurant not a fucking bank.

I don't expect people to run soup kitchens and there is nothing wrong with dreaming of making lots of money. Financial growth, security and leading a comfortable life are definitely important but I'm not too sure if they should be your sole purpose in life. I think this is obsession with money is what ruins our lives.

That got me thinking of the times we live in and how everybody is busy running, without stopping to look at the sights around them or even if they are on the right track. Stuck in jobs they don't like, whining about how their work sucks but not having the balls to pursue what they think will give them happiness, because they want to make money more than they want to be happy.

I'm not asking businessmen to stop thinking of ways to make more money, please do so, else we'd be killing ingenuity, creativity, inventions. That would just be a world full of dumb, lazy, incompetent sloths. However you've got to stop being so anal in your pursuit of profits. When is money ever going to be enough? You will always want a growth in margins, quarter on quarter, year on year. You will always want to cut down on expenditure, optimize even exploit your resources. Will you ever be content? No, cos you are just a greedy, blood sucking leach, a conniving bitch. Could you please try being a profit oriented human instead? Please I beg of you. That's the real problem with Capitalism isn't it? It's based on the principle of constantly trying to increase your pile of dough, it doesn't really care about how you go about doing it.

Think about it, most of the problems in our world are at some level linked to some bastard's greed. Just because some motherfuckers are in a great hurry to gain money, power, acceptance; we have crime, poverty, social disparity, wars and what not.

Chill the fuck out people. Don't be in such a terrible rush to make more money than you can stuff up your ass before lying on your pyre.

Ok enough of ranting; by all means, please strive to be successful, make money, make merry, but can you please have some humility and humanity to go with it? Is it really too much to ask for?