Sunday, November 19, 2006


1st semester exams seem to be jinxed.....the accent incident in the 2nd yr n now the maruti.....

ok jus so u kno...dis is wat happnd....

"on my way to coll for the xam on friday(17/11/2006)...was tryn to overtake da coll bus.....he dint lemme pass so i tried to over take from the dere was a truck in the blindspot...n the worst part is, it was stationary, so even after breaking really hard...v ended up ramming into it...luckily jus a small portion of the car cam in contact with the truck.....minimal damages(although the windshield was damaged)....da repairs dint cost much jus around 4k."

most importantly no one got hurt......n im still alive(third time)......

well the 3 exams until now were pretty ok.....

CAT was suprisingly easy..... i'm sure the cut-off will b really high...lets see how things pan out.

the rollercoaster rides that my mind keeps takin abt "her" finally seem to be ending.....i guess she's the one whoz lost out not me....i did evrythng humanly possible to let her kno wat n how much she means to me n yet if she cant understand well "ab kya bol sakte"

hmmm well now that gre is also done...have been busy wit da recos n sop drafts....havnt finalisd da list of universities yet(if ne of u can suggest a few gud ones it'd b gr8t) gotta finish this whole thng by dec....

looking fwd to the fun part of engg :D

until next time
over n out

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


ppl hav all kinds of fears (im nt talkn abt aquaphobia or vertigo) fear of letting go, fear of "what will ppl thnk" etc

these apprehension make ppl to da stupidest of thngs......ive been victimised over n over. nw im begining to develop a fear myslf. im afraid that i wnt b able to trust ppl nemre. bt i guess only time will tell if i get consumed by my fear or if i can ride over a storm yet again.

i dnt have ne other significant fear, but there is one thing that i have to learn to let go....i dnt let go of things easily.......nt bcos of a fear of loosing things.....but its cos i love them so much( things include old clothes toys n all the oda jazz bt most imprtntly ppl{ espcly a few that i call "frnds"}) that i jus dnt wanna let go.

well da cliched "clenched fist" example is the only thing that eventually convinces me to let go.
i need to learn to nt get involved too much wit da stf around me.

or i guess i shld jus by myslf an alto,den i keep saying "lets go" :p

kya hai k......i da last few posts have been very senti n philosophical n shit ( mom dad i thnk im finally growing up)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

kya toh bhi.....

its dat time of da year wen evrythng else takes da backseat...n all u hafta do is dive into da books.

bt dats nt quite how it wrks 4 neva did...

ppl say n do wierd stf " stp eating nonveg until da xams r ova" "stp orkutting" ' im gonna stp " u know wat" ' y ???? i mean common u think ur braincells start workn faster if u dnt hav meat? u thnk all da energy n fluids u save by nt doing it will help u study?

newayz apna funda has always been evrythng in i guess itll b a lil tuffer dis tim(wat wit da hectic schedule n all da oda stf dat has happend in da recent past).....wanna do well....try n get dat pathetic aggregate of mine to a respectable figure.

having said dat...i still havent touched da books(wit less dan 10 days to go)....i guess sumthngs neva change.

kya toh bhi!!!

All the best!!!