Thursday, May 29, 2008

Err whatever

Summer Internship, that great big promise......the one last chance to figure out what u want to do in life.....Phbbbbbbbbt!!!!!

Nah! u discover new levels of vellagiri....watching movies n porn in the office, pretending to b concentrating on a word doc which has been touched for over 2 hrs, ladadeedum....

Well I'm sure quite a few of my batchmates would've had a fruitful experience, but I for one certainly don't feel great about mine.

The expectations that I had n the reality r worlds apart. I did try to "learn" n b open as much as possible but I guess this organization n I aren't quite compatible.

Well anyway fuck that.....the fun things....had cheap ass cold drinks....travelled n saw some inhospitable terrain, had my first real brush with rural India....hmmm whatelse "office politics n culture" (do I hear I still think that most of those courses were pure bull or atleast the way they were "facilitated")

N pretty much everything is hunky dory....looking forward to gettin that damn paycheque n gettin outta here now....some good times ahead I guess, first Bombay then Lakshadweep...wooohoo!!! n yeah i guess the trip back home wont be that boring this time.

Until later

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy birthday Blog(belated)

yes its been two years since ive started blogging.....

n incidentally ive completed one calender year at mica....

cheers(although im in a dry state rite now)