Monday, January 14, 2008

A million little pieces

Had been wanting to read this book for quite some time now. Was gifted this book on my birthday(Thanx)....finished the book within a week flat.

Was a very nice read....could relate to it a lot. Not with addiction part thou....that will take some time...havent found nethn that has me hooked yet :p

But the way he describes his pain, his fight with his own self is simply amazing. Its a very vivid description of how the mind fucks around with you.

"rage need rage need rage need"

"I want to run or die or get fucked up. I want to be blind and dumb and have no heart. I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. I want to wipe my existence straight off the map. Straight off the fucking map. I take a deep breath."

"I want to look beneath the surface of the pale green and see what's inside of me, what's within me, what I'm hiding. I start to look up but I turn away. I try to force myself but I can't"

And his atheist notions strike a chord with he says believing in god or a higher power and believing that such powers will guide you is something very absurd. Its just another form of denial....its shifting of the blame....its not owning up for yourself...not taking the responsibility for
your means you dont have faith in yourself .....its a replacement addiction.

All that apart...his style of writing is quite unique and pretty interesting....minimal usage of punctuation.....A continuous lucid and quick narrative makes for a very good read....the book on some level gets you hooked like a drug...once u start u wouldnt wanna stop.

I recommend you read this...even if your life isnt so fucked and you dont have a shit load of problems heaped over might just like it....try it.