Sunday, September 16, 2007


Tons of ppts....umpteen group studies...classes.......add to that house arrests...magazine screenings....plays....PARTIES!!!!and u wouldn't realise that it has been over 3 months. Its been a lotta fun bt its all gonna change soon.

yes its that time of the year(u know its intrestin how the time frame keeps shrinking.....bak in skool it was coll...semester wise and now v have 3 terms) wen ppl around me dive into their books, get hyper and freak out. "Whats the portion?" "what all are you doing?" "meri toh phat rahi hai" blah blah..... for me its one of the funniest lil periods....i have good laff at my peers' expense. May be its jus me but its kinda inconsequential these grades are in the long term.

Hang on...this doesnt mean i dnt prep(only a day before the xam mind u)....or that im some kinda god who doesnt need to try hard to pass....all im sayin is I dont see why ppl make such a big deal outta it.

Newayz....since im a term "wiser" now.....things have changed. Not jus my understanding of thots n all that jazz.....ppl around me and my perceptions about them.
Equations, relations, attitudes have changed, (:D ive finally started gyming :D)

Oh and the nature of this post has changed too...set out to write sumthn funny ended up doin sumthn crappy...

Over n out