Wednesday, March 10, 2010

small talk...BIG MEANING

Disclaimer/Note: This is a transcript of a chat conversation between a friend and me.

Why did I put it up here, you ask? Cos this seemingly meaningless conversation seems to have covered some interesting issues in a funny way.

You could either find it fascinating or absolute waste of time, but having bothered to arrive at my blog, you might as well go ahead and read the post and experience this piece of "seminal work in 'sarcastic realism'/ or plain shit" depending on how you see it.

P.S. I haven't bothered with editing or spell checking, but I guess you'd be able to make sense of the words.

me: heights of attention seeking

friend: what?

me: u r status msg....dont pretend

friend: oh please

its just funny

and it kinda rhymes

me: n sigh n say...rhyming u say

friend: oh nevermind

ur too grown up to appreciate these chilsish things


me: dont pull the age card on me

friend: lol

me: u cant now u know....u r in the 20s too now

friend: yeah but im on the better side of twenty


me: so am i

its jus 2 yr fyi

jus that when u r a twenty something n the other person is still a 'teen' u feel older

now that the age-berlin-wall has it or not we are all in the same boat heading towards midlife crisis, responsibilities, bills etc

friend: okay okay..dont get so defensive :P


thanks for that, now im really looking forward to the future

me: jus to illustrate what i mean...ur 'kid' sister will seem like a child to u now, but in ur few yrs time when ud be 40 something n shed be 30 something it wont be the sa,e

funny u know when u think abt it (about to delve into highly philosophical speech), the ultimate purpose of life is death....n all the things we do to keep ourselves alive

friend: (uhh ohh)


we dont do them too keep ourselves alive

i think the focus is on making the life we have as enjoyable an experience as possible

me: ahan...we have a debator here nice...go ahead humour me n urself in the process

friend: sigh. its no fun debating when u have that attitude

me: hahaha ok

see i agree that u should do everything possible to have fun/live comfortably/enjoy ur time under the sun.....having said that what is the point in fretting over it when eventually u r jus gonna die

i mean does it really matter wether u take the hps wala fly over n get to lifestyle or take imax fly over n get to lifestyle

(see clever use of local knowledge to illustrate highly global n deep thought)


so the MBA was worth something huh? :P

me: yeah i guess

u jus need to talk

connect random statements somehow n u'll be able to convince anyone abt anything

friend: hehe. two years to learn how to bullshit ur way thru anything?

im inspired now :P

me: but hey...the bullshit stems from a deeply rooted conviction

the two yrs also help in finding a few those

(or so i should be saying)

friend: did they reallly?

me: for me it was a paid vacation.....a postponement of something we all need to do eventually

friend: hehehe...

me: grow up n earn a living

friend: isnt it fun?

living on ur own? making ur own money?

me: no but it does have its beenfits im not gonna short sell the mba dream to u...jus do it for the right reason not jus for the money

it is...but u also have to put with a lotta shit to make u r own money

friend: yeah im kinda waiting for the reason. dont wanna just do it, like engg

me: kinda draws a parallel to our life n its purpose discussion

friend: wjat shit?

hehe...there u go again!

me: living alone brings along a set of unique problems

worrying abt trash,. food, cleanliness basically stuff that u never even knew existed let alone thinking abt em

add to that, work issues...pressures deadlines etc etc

all this jus so u can "earn ur money", which in turn u need "to live like a king/have fun/etc"

when in reality u were having the same amount of fun at ur parent's expense

friend: lol

me: i know im sounding cynical

friend: first few years are struggle na? it shd get better soon...rt ?

me: but lemme also tell u the joy of buying stuff with ur won money is something that i can explain

or so u think

jus when u r earning enough, have risen at work n now can torment ur juniors....u have to settle down

buy a house. get married, make babies

which again have their own problems which im not yet qualified to talk abt

friend: lol...ever heard of living one day at a time?

or are u just doing this to mess with my head?


me: yeah that is what i do

(the answer could be relevant for both the questions)

friend: hehe

me: so yeah its good to form ur own set of beliefs...delude ourselves n live n die for them

which is the primary cause for stuff like god,religion,profession

these are things we have invented to keep ourselves occupied n nt be depressed abt our futile attempts at existing

phew! move over platos,scorates n all the sex maniac babas...the greatest thinker ever is in the house bitches! i have solved the mystery

friend: true


u wish!

u think ur the first person to think like ths?

me: u had to burst my bubble....didnt u

friend: heehee....

me: i know who am i jus part of the not special

blah! lets get back to our boring lives n to the most exciting thing ever "WORK"

friend: but u can always pretend


me: yeah right....pretend after u suck the life out of dreamy monlogue

friend: awww


it was fun tho

me: see....i was right...u were bored n u need to talk...n u wanted to seek attention but be sly abt it

bloody hypocrite

friend: ya rt

u were equally bored

hence the philosophical lecture


go work now

me: guilty as charged...y wld i bother checking status msgs anyway

friend: go work! :P

me: i dont have any

friend: really?


ok then i'll go work


me: yeah im done with what i had to do for the day....if something else comes along then id have to work again

yeah sure...go knock urself out

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